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A smart way to organize developments








Explore Oracle and E-Business Suite objects

Manage and deploy development projects

Migrate developments between environments

Compare Oracle objects

Control versions

Save deployment history

Load and migrate data

Customize and report

Transfer files


Our goal is to simplify the Oracle Applications infrastructure and make it available to


Download offers a modern development automation tool for Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle Applications)
that simplifies access to objects, making the development process simple and efficient.

By installing our software, you get:

- Oracle E-Business Suite Object Manager

Easy, intuitive navigation between instances, objects and applications

- Moving objects between OEBS instances

One-click migration of applications, database objects and programs.
  You can also create your own rules for transferring custom objects.

- Comparison of local and server objects

- Version control and deployment history

You have complete control over the development lifecycle.
Save, restore and update objects.
  Compare objects from different instances and applications.

- Flexible reporting
Installation Guide
License Guide
Administration Guide
User Guide
Developer Guide

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Number of environments










How it works

Oracle Developers

The main advantage of using Raduga is the simple navigation between Oracle E-Business Suite servers, directories and objects. The developer that must not be aware of the complex infrastructure relationships can easily find necessary objects, perform file transfer as well as object deployment tasks. The programmer can create, edit and deploy development projects that contain different types of the Oracle Applications objects. Raduga also allows the programmer to compare the objects as well as save and restore the objects versions.

Poject Managers

The project managers have an access to the reports that summarize Raduga activities: custom objects migration, project deployments, object customizations. Starting from version 1.7 Raduga introduces project approval and notification feature.

Database Administrators

Oracle Implementers

Raduga allows the implementers to build and deploy the development projects that consist of E-Business Suite users, responsibilities, request groups, profiles, personalizations and other entities that are the part of E-Business Suite project implementation.

Database administrators can use Raduga Monitor to monitor the health of Oracle Applications services. They can be notified by email of any status change. Raduga can be used to transfer database objects such as database users, tables, indexes, sequences, grants, and synonyms.

Download the short presentation, which introduces you to the Raduga GUI and features.

How it works

It will change your business for the better.

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