Viewing EBS user's sessions

-- Change SYSADMIN to whatever you need

SELECT DISTINCT usr.user_name,

TO_CHAR(icx.last_connect,'DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS') connect_time,






FROM icx_sessions icx,

fnd_user usr,

fnd_responsibility_tl resp,

fnd_logins fl,

v$process vp,

v$session vs,

v$sql vsq

WHERE icx.last_connect > sysdate - 30/60/24

AND icx.disabled_flag != 'Y'

AND icx.pseudo_flag = 'N'

AND icx.user_id = usr.user_id

AND icx.responsibility_id = resp.responsibility_id

AND resp.language = icx.language_code

AND icx.login_id = fl.login_id

AND fl.end_time IS NULL


AND fl.process_spid = vp.spid

AND vp.addr = vs.paddr

AND vs.module IS NOT NULL

AND vs.sql_address = vsq.address(+)

AND usr.user_name = 'SYSADMIN'

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