Multiplexing Redo Log and Control files

-- List redo log files

select group#, member from v$logfile order by group#, member;

-- Check redo log file status

select group#, members, status from v$log;

-- Adding redo log file to a group

alter database add logfile member '<path>/redo011.log' to group 1;

-- Drop redo log file

-- Ensure that the file is not current

alter database drop logfile member '<path>/redo011.log';

-- Adding redo log group

alter database add logfile group 2 '<path>/redo21.log' size 100M;

-- Switch redo log file

alter system switch logfile;

-- Redo log files history

select * from v$log_history;

-- Show control files

show parameter control_files;

-- Add control file

alter system set control_files ='<path>/control01.ctl', '<path>/control02.ctl' scope=spfile;

shutdown immediate

host cp <path>/control01.ctl <path>/control02.ctl


-- List files that need recovery

select * from v$recover_file;

-- Check archive mode

archive log list;

-- Find archive destination

show parameter db_recovery_file_dest

-- Set archive destination

alter system set log_archive_dest_1='LOCATION=<path>' scope=spfile;

-- Enable archive mode

-- Database should be mounted

alter database archive log;

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