Mail Preferences

-- Change user name to whatever you need

update fnd_user_preferences

set preference_value = 'MAILHTM2'

where preference_name = 'MAILTYPE'

and module_name = 'WF'

and user_name = 'SYSADMIN';

If user mail preference does not exist:

-- Change SYSADMIN to whatever you need

insert into fnd_user_preferences (user_name, module_name, preference_name, preference_value) values ('SYSADMIN', 'WF', 'MAILTYPE', 'MAILHTM2');

-- Change role name to whatever you need

update wf_local_roles

set notification_preference = 'MAILHTM2'

where name = 'SYSADMIN';

A list of mail preference values:

QUERY Do not send me mail

MAILTEXT Plain text mail

MAILATTH Plain text mail with HTML attachments

MAILHTML HTML mail with attachments


SUMMARY Plain text summary mail

SUMHTML HTML summary mail


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