Running EBS concurrent requests

select fpro.os_process_id pid,


to_char(fcr.actual_start_date, 'DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS') start_date,

fcp.user_concurrent_program_name program_name,

fcq.concurrent_queue_name queue_name,


from fnd_user f,

fnd_concurrent_queues fcq,

fnd_concurrent_requests fcr,

fnd_concurrent_programs_tl fcp,

fnd_concurrent_processes fpro

where fcr.phase_code = 'R'

and fcr.status_code = 'R'

and fcr.controlling_manager = fpro.concurrent_process_id

and(fcq.concurrent_queue_id = fpro.concurrent_queue_id

and fcq.application_id = fpro.queue_application_id )

and(fcr.concurrent_program_id = fcp.concurrent_program_id

and fcr.program_application_id = fcp.application_id )

and fcr.requested_by = f.user_id

and fcp.language = 'US';

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